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How i made $1000 in a Week on eBay

Chapter Two: Understanding Joint Ventures and eBay Sellers


You ask.

I’m going to show you how you can make a lot of money by undertaking JV’ (Joint Ventures) with eBay sellers.

You won’t need to have a product – just a list of people to email to offer the product to. Or if you do have a product, you can find a good seller to sell it for you.

Why should they buy it? Because it’ll be a quality product (you’ll have sourced it from eBay) and you’ll be offering it at a vastly discounted price that they cannot get anywhere else.

If you’ve ever seen this best selling ebook ‘EBay Auction Income Streams’ advertised you’ll know it sells from most websites and on eBay for $24.99.

Now imagine if you really wanted the book and you received an email from a trustworthy eBayer you’d bought from before who offered you this best selling ebook for just $12.99 you’d jump at the chance and that’s how this system works. And boy does it work well!

This ebook is going to tell you how to set up your own JV (Joint Venture) with another person. Don’t worry there’s no need for telephone calls (unless you want to) it’s all done by email. It’s just a matter of identifying someone with a list of people to sell to, if you’re a product holder, or someone with a great product to sell, if you’re a list holder.

Then you just send them a simple email.

I was extremely nervous when I first approached a well-known marketer to ask if he’d like to undertake a JV with me. I was positive he’d either laugh at me or blast me for wasting his time.

But ask yourself if you got approached. How would you react? If someone told you could make a lot of money from your own product and all you had to do was agree to sell it below market price. You could then watch TV until your payment of maybe £3000 arrived.

How would you feel?

I would be both flattered and grateful.

Of all the JV’s I’ve undertaken – and they make up a substantial part of my yearly income – I’ve not once been turned down. Never.

And that’s not because of my business reputation. I’ve done JV’s under different names and through different email addresses when the need has arisen. All this is perfectly above board by the way, since it all goes into the same PayPal account for tax via different email addresses. I’ll tell you how to do that later, too. It helps you sort separate your JV money from any other sales you might have

It’s like doing a bungee jump. The first one is the hardest. Unlike a bungee jump you end up not with wet pants but with a few hundred quid at least in your pocket.

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