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How i made $1000 in a Week on eBay


So that’s it. I’ve introduced you to one of the most lucrative undertakings in the whole of Internet Marketing.

If you’ve never come across this methods before you must try it. If you have come across this method before but not tried it you must try it.

It will change the way you think about money – I guarantee it.

Why? Because undertaking a JV mailing opens the window just on Internet Marketing just a tiny crack. But it’s enough to show you in breathtaking style just how much money is out there to be made.

Doing a little preparation work and pressing a ‘send’ button can bring in thousands of Dollars in a matter of hours.

More importantly it destroys in seconds all the rubbish we’re spoon-fed from birth about having to work hard for money. Instead it teaches us we can work smart.

There are people in the Internet Marketing world who don’t do anything else. They spend a few months preparing a product. Their whole way or working is geared up to collecting email addresses and building opt-in lists. So when the preparation work is done they launch their product to their list (which might contain 200,000 addresses).

Within 48 hours they have made in excess of a Million Dollars. They don’t bother setting up websites or selling on EBay, they just quietly start work on their latest product and adding more addresses to their lists.

It’s all in the numbers. If I could email one million interested people (without spamming!) with my latest offer today I would be a multi-millionaire by tomorrow morning. By tomorrow morning!

My list contains around 3000 people. I have websites and sell on EBay so I don’t build my list as well as I should. Actually that’s my new year’s resolution for 2008.

Just think of this. If I could build up my list and sell my product for just $16.99 to 15,000 people (only 5 times the size of my list – I could have a list this size in a matter of months)  – I would make over a quarter of a million Dollars in a couple of days.

If you concentrate solely on mailing list JV’s with either good eBay sellers with a good list or good eBay sellers with a good product you could make a lot of money. One JV per month (taking just 2 days) could easily bring you £1000 a month from a small list. If you built your list steadily day by day and at the same

time worked with more and more sellers you could easily bring in $5000, which would increase every month as your list grows. Then there are the foreign eBay sites. UK/USA JV’s are extremely lucrative. A product that sells well in the USA might be unheard of in the UK. Offer it to your list and watch what happens!

This is THE business I wish I’d tried years ago. I might be working from a Georgian mansion rather than a (admittedly very nice) Yorkshire cottage.

I can’t urge you enough to not just put this book down. TRY IT – you’ll be amazed at the results.

Just think again about your job. How long would it take you to earn a thousand Dollars on top of your current salary?

A big bonus?

A lot of overtime?

Or some well-invested time, working from home, in 24 – 72 hours?

Start building your list now.

It’s another weapon in your arsenal against the JOB trap. It’s easier to work for yourself from home than it is to work at a JOB. There are two hard parts to making the leap:

  1. One of my favourite quotes ‘Never let yourself get into the position where you’re too busy earning a living to make any real money’ – That’s exactly what a JOB does to you.
  2. Proving to yourself that you actually can make money from home. The first £100 is the hardest, but it proves it can be done. Hopefully this book will sort out this second problem for you.

The first is up to you.

Good luck.

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